Service Offerings


We will act on your behalf to organize, manage and complete the Training Provider Accreditation process according to the requirements of your relevant Sectoral Education and Training Authority (SETA) ETQA, so that you can get on with your core business functions.

We offer a specialist service that streamlines the process so that your application for accreditation as an ETD provider with your relevant SETA ETQA is completed timeously, efficiently and effectively.

We offer the following services:

  1. Identification of and registration with your appropriate primary ETQA  (where this has not already been established and done).
  2. Project management, design and accumulation of evidence required for the submission of your Portfolio of Evidence (POE) according to the Provider Accreditation Criteria required by your relevant ETQA.
  3. Identify and suggest amendments to your current tacit Quality Management System (QMS) if necessary, or develop a full or part QMS for your organisation according to the criteria required by your ETQA.
  4. Alignment of training material with NQF registered unit standards.
  5. Submission of your POE to your relevant SETA / ETQA, and monitoring the progress of your Accreditation process.
  6. Ensure that key employees are qualified and registered as Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators with your primary ETQA and/or sourcing external providers for you.
  7. Full liaison with key staff of your primary ETQA on your behalf.
  8. Ensuring the process is streamlined, accurate, and without fuss to the Training Provider.
  9. Facilitation of the process during your site visit by your relevant ETQA.
  10. Guidance, mentorship and training of your key ETD staff as required.