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Do you really need a Provider Accreditation Specialist?

The simple answer is "YES", but the choice is yours.

Consider the following:

Attaining Provider Accreditation is a labour intensive and time consuming process. Full Provider Accreditation can take months or even years to achieve. Specialist knowledge and resources are generally required due to the "red tape" involved. The various SETA's and ETQA's also have different criteria in their requirements for the submission of an Accreditation Portfolio of Evidence.

You have the following choices:

  1. You can either employ a full or part time Accreditation Specialist (at a market related cost of around R30 000-00 to R40 000-00 per month), and re-assign him / her to another function once the process is completed, or,
  2. You can re-direct the focus of some or all of your Training Department Employees to the Accreditation process--taking their focus off of what they do best-- Training; or,
  3. You can rely on the already inundated SETA appointed officers for assistance (lengthening an already lengthy process); or,
  4. You could employ SETA Accreditation Services to act on your behalf in the accreditation process, and pay only for the services that you require according to a service level agreement with agreed timelines.

As Accreditation Specialists, our business is about getting you accredited as a provider.

Our full focus and attention is thus on "Maximizing Your Training ROI."

Let us do what we do best, so that you can get on with what you do best!