Frequently Asked Questions

Moderation means the process which ensures that the assessment of the outcomes described in National Qualifications Framework standards or qualifications is conducted fairly, and is valid and reliable .

Assessment means the process resulting in the judgment of a learner's achievements in accordance with the outcomes required by learning programs.

A learning programme is defined as the process through which the learner achieves the standard/s or qualification.

The ETQA Regulations define a provider as; "A body which delivers learning programmes which culminate in specified National Qualifications Framework standards or qualifications and/or manages the assessment thereof. An education and training body, in other words a provider, is not limited to an institution or organisation. Providers can include companies, work-based training centers', a collaboration amongst a range of partners (organisations, institutions, companies, tuition centers', RPL centers', assessment centers', trade testing centers', individuals, community structures) and even some forms of consultancies."