Assessment Practices

Our service includes the following:

Assessment policies, procedures and strategies in keeping with the aims and outcomes of the learning programme or course offered.

  • The design and development of  the assessment instruments and tools to be used in the assessment of learners in accordance with the context and outcome/s of the learning programme or course.
  • Ensuring flexibility in the timing of assessments  in order to accommodate the various and peculiar needs of learners.
  • Ensuring that assessment information, including learning outcomes, assessment criteria as well as assessment procedures and dates, should be provided to all learners and assessors.
  • Ensuring that records of assessments are kept and learners receive detailed and accurate feedback on their progress and performance.
  • Ensuring that the processes and results of assessment must fulfill the requirements of the NQF standards and qualifications for which the provider has been accredited and must meet the requirements of the ETQA.
  • A learner appeals procedure.
  • Reporting procedures
  • An assessment pack for each programme or course including the following:
    • Pre-assessments;
    • Assessment plan;
    • Assessment matrix;
    • Assessment tool/s;
    • Assessment guide;
    • Learner POE;
    • Assessment report & record template
    • Assessment review (learner & assessor).
  • Assessment pack for each learning programme.