Learner Database

Our services include the following:

  • Evaluation of your current learner database.
  • Advice and recommendations on what is required for ETQA compliance.
  • Design and development of an all encompassing learner database including policies and procedures for maintaining the database as required by your ETQA.
  • Ensuring that you have a system and facilities for maintaining and updating detailed information about past, present and potential learners that includes the following;
    • Name and unique learner number;
    • Learner contact details;
    • Demographic information (age, race, gender, geographical location, occupation (if applicable)
    • Education and training background and experience (prior qualifications; prior learning and previous learning experiences; learning skills; language skills and preferences)
    • Special learning needs (relevant disabilities or learning difficulties)
    • Additional learning needs (necessary experience and knowledge of relevant technology)
    • Resource factors (place and time of learning, access to¬† learning resources and financial resources and support materials)
    • Motivation for entering a learning programme;
    • Programme/s for which the learner is registered;
    • Performance, achievements and learner feedback during and after the programme (formative and summative assessments);
    • Certification and registration on the NLRD