Accreditation Requirements



Registration of your organisation in terms of the applicable legislation at the time of your accreditation, and with an ETQA that governs your primary focus of business and training.


Quality Management System

A relevant Quality Management System consisting of Organisational, Financial, HR, ETD, Learner, Assessment, OHS etc Policies and Procedures.


 Learning Programs

Learning Programs

The design, development and evaluation of Learning programmes and courses that are aligned to registered NQF unit standards and lead to formal recognition and recording of learner achievements.

 Program Design  

Program Design & Development

Policies and procedures for the development, delivery and evaluation of learning programmes and assessment  of learner achievement as well as aligning training material to NQF registered unit standards.

Policies and Procedures

Organisational Policies & Procedures

Financial, Management, Administration, Physical, HR, OHS, Learner, Assessment, Appeals and Reporting resources, policies and procedures.


 QMS Review  

QMS Review Mechanisms

Review mechanisms which ensure that the quality management policies and procedures defined are applied and remain effective.