Organisations offering Learnerships and/or Internships not only assist with the development of people according to the National Skills Development strategy, but are also offered rewards by being able to claim certain costs back from the discretionary portion of their Skills Development Levies.

An organisation offering learnerships will provide a learner with the relevant internal or external theoretical training as well as the practical training components of a training programme relevant to the provider's industry. Previously disadvantaged Learners will benefit by receiving the physical training and qualification as well as by assisting the company with practical, on-the-job performance for which they will receive a monthly stipend for a contractual period of time.

Our services include the following:

  • Learner / Intern recruitment policies and procedures;
  • Registration of Learnerships/Internships with the relevant ETQA;
  • Advice and guidance on the full process as well as claiming back from SDL discretionary grants.