Accreditation Portfolio of Evidence (POE)

Completion of Accreditation Portfolio of Evidence (POE)

The more concise and precise your POE is to the requirements of your relevant ETQA, the faster the process will be.

As professionals, we will compile your POE in the specific format and with the exact criteria as required by your ETQA.

This comprises the following:

  • Completion and submission of the SETA application for accreditation as a training provider.
  • Quality controlling of existing company documents, policies and procedures and suggesting changes to ensure compliance with SAQA and ETQA criteria;
  • The design of documents, policies, procedures, templates and evidence that is not currently in place in the organisation;
  • Project planning and progress meetings with yourselves and with your relevant ETQA;
  • Liaison between the SETA / ETQA and the organisation;
  • Ensuring that your on and off-site facilities and resources conform with the evidence provided in your POE.