Learning Program Development, Design & Alignment to NQF Registered Unit Standards and/or Qualifications.

We will assist you with the design, development  and alignment of your learning programmes to registered NQF unit standards and/or qualifications.

Services that we offer include:

  • Researching of  registered NQF unit standards with which to align existing learning material.
  • Alignment of existing programmes to unit standards  as per SAQA and NQF requirements.
  • Ensuring that your relevant ETQA's criteria for programme development is followed.
  • Ensuring learning programmes integrate various theoretical and practical components and are accessible, flexible, relevant and incorporate experiential learning where appropriate.
  • Ensuring that key features of the learning environment, learning and learning support resources and requirements, assessment methods, policies and practices for the management of assessment including equal opportunities, authenticity of assessment, evidence and appeals system and any other requirements necessary for the successful completion of the programme are in place according to your relevant ETQA requirements.
  • Ensuring that  programmes are designed and outlined to reflect the integration of the relevant critical cross-field outcomes as specified in the standard or qualification.